I’m a post-doctoral fellow at the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences of the University of Trento, located in Rovereto (TN) Italy. Previously I was a post-doc at Schepens Eye Research Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, developing ways to evaluate video enhancement algorithms for people with low vision. I received my Ph.D. in Psychology from Queen’s University in 2011, working in the BioMotionLab as a student of Nikolaus Troje. My main academic interests are in high level perception and attention, and how they are integrated with social cognition.

Feel free to contact me about my work at danielrsaunders@gmail.com. I also have a LinkedIn profile, and a GitHub profile.

Recent publications:

Ware, E., Saunders, D. R., & Troje, N. F. (2015) The influence of motion quality on responses towards video playback stimuli. Biology Open, 4(7), 803-811. html pdf

Williamson, K. E., Jacobson, L. S., Saunders, D. R., & Troje, N. F. (2015) Local and global aspects of biological motion perception in children born at very low birth weight. Child Neuropsychology, 21(5): 603-628. html pdf

Saunders, D. R., Bex, P. J., Rose, D. J. & Woods, R. L. (2014). Measuring information acquisition from video using automated scoring of natural language descriptions. PLoS ONE 9(4): e9325. html pdf

Saunders, D. R., Woods, R. L. (2014). Direct measurement of the system latency of gaze-contingent displays. Behavior Research Methods, 21(5): 603-628. pdf link to paywall version