QuestIntuitionI recently completed the first version of QuestIntuition, my interactive program for playing around with and building an intuition for the Bayesian adaptive staircase procedure QUEST. It requires MATLAB, and can be downloaded on my GitHub page.



Figure I created for a JOV paper to illustrate the improvement to prediction of eye location that the saccade-fitting algorithm developed by the first author can achieve.


The animated icon I made for my 2009 JOV paper. The blue areas are the areas people looked at most often when they were judging the gender of the walker, while the red areas were the areas people looked at most often when judging the walking direction.

mwmatchingI ported a general graph weighted maximum matching program to MATLAB from Python (though as a fellow fan of open-source software commented, “that’s the wrong direction!”), and made it available on the MATLAB file exchange.

ftfsmallerI produced and co-hosted 26 episodes of a science-fiction-themed podcast, mostly as a way to stay in touch with my brother on the other side of the world. We had over 100,000 total downloads, and someone nominated us for a Hugo award.

Pigeon courtshipImages from my Master’s thesis, which was focused on time series analysis of motion capture data from courting pigeons. I investigated whether there were signatures of coordination in the respective head and body movements of male and female pigeons.

Screen shot 2016-04-04 at 11.51.58 PMI started a time management and organization blog in 2006 to help get my work habits in shape for grad school and beyond. I still add to it from time to time.

Drawing of me by Anna

This one is by my talented friend Anna!